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16/07/2022 - De Hoofdmeesterstuin, Emmer-Compascuum - TICKETS

17/07/2022 - De Hoofdmeesterstuin, Emmer-Compascuum - TICKETS

05/11/2022 - Gemert, De Eendracht - TICKETS

11/11/2022 - Lochem, Schouwburg Lochem - TICKETS

02/12/2022 - De Haan (BE) - TICKETS

08/12/2022 - Steenwijk, De Meenthe - TICKETS

15/12/2022 - Amstelveen, Schouwburg Amstelveen (VERPLAATST naar 12/01/23!)

07/01/2023 - Den Helder, Theater de Kampanje - TICKETS

12/01/2023 - Amstelveen, Schouwburg Amstelveen - TICKETS

14/01/2023 - Beverwijk, Kennemer Theater - TICKETS

28/01/2023 - Deventer, Schouwburg Deventer - TICKETS

07/04/2023 - Panningen, Dok6 Theater - TICKETS

12/05/2023 - CC Scherpenheuvel (BE) - TICKETS


In “A Tribute to John Denver,” Jimmy Duchateau and his band celebrate the beloved country music favourite songs of John Denver with a fresh, modern twist.

This concert is the only real tribute to this American artist’s legacy, complete with original handwritten scores Duchateau personally received from the John Denver’s musical partner and arranger Lee Holdridge.

“You can’t imitate the emotion of music, it must come from within,” notes Duchateau. “I do not imitate John Denver, although my voice does sound like his. We rather create an incredible night of legendary music and intimacy with family, friends and even new friends.”
“A Tribute to John Denver” takes the audience from small, intimate, songs that will make you linger on sweet memories to more outgoing songs performed by the full band that will get you out of your chair. Song favourites include “Annie’s Song,” “Perhaps Love,” “Calypso,” “Country Roads,” “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” and much more.

Even 25 years after his death, John Denver’s music still lives on. Although Denver and Duchateau stem from different eras, Jimmy understands his music like no other. Be prepared for a wonderful evening of music and happy new memories.

Band members: Jimmy Duchateau, Robin Zalm, Richard Ritterbeeks, Cui, Janneke Meessen, Ingo Jetten, Joep Larue, and André Kok.